Give us Five! Support Our Job Search Guide


Check out this picture. Those are the last two copies of our job search guide from the first run of the guide. Since first printing the guide last year, we have sent 48 copies of the guide out into the world. Now we need your help to print more, so we can distribute it to more formerly incarcerated people. For every $5 donated, we are able to put one more guide into the hands of a formerly incarcerated person at no cost to them.

We love sharing this guide with the formerly incarcerated people we work with. It is packed with useful information on planning for a job search, where to look for jobs, how to prepare a resume, how to address criminal history during the hiring process, common interview questions and more. We use the guide with the clients we mentor and have also been handing it out to those who attend the monthly workshops we do in partnership with Working Alternatives, a residential program that helps people leaving federal prison transition back into their communities. Because the formerly incarcerated people we work with are unemployed, it is important that we provide the guide for free. That's where your donation helps. The updated version of the guide contains information on California's new fair chance hiring law and the state's ban on asking candidates about salary history.

Please donate today to help us print more copies of our guide. Five dollars goes a long way to set someone on the path to career success, which is a huge part of building a healthy and productive life following release from jail or prison.

Donate here. You have the option to make your donation recur monthly, which means you could provide a guide a month to a job seeker.

If you are an organization that would like to purchase copies of our guide for use with your clients, visit our store. If you are formerly incarcerated person who wants to request a copy of our guide, visit our Become a Client page.

Thank you for supporting Pacific Reentry Career Services and second chances.

Giving Tuesday Spotlight: Orange County Re-Entry Partnership

Join Pacific Reentry Career Services Executive Director & Co-Founder Stephanie Hammerwold in donating to OCREP for Giving Tuesday.

Join Pacific Reentry Career Services Executive Director & Co-Founder Stephanie Hammerwold in donating to OCREP for Giving Tuesday.

Wow! What a year! We just finished our second Fair Chance Hiring Summit (watch the blog for more on that next week), and we are already thinking about what we will do in 2018. We have so much to be thankful for during our first year providing direct services. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, we want to take a moment and give thanks for the Orange County Re-Entry Partnership (OCREP). We would not be where we are today without the support of this amazing organization.

OCREP is a network of organizations and people who support the reentry community. As a small organization focused on employment for the formerly incarcerated, we do not have the resources to help with all the needs of our clients, but we do have access to a diverse network of professionals ready to provide help with housing, addiction services, mental health services and more. Formerly incarcerated people often have multiple barriers, so sometimes it is necessary to work in partnership with other organizations to get the help they need.

Here are the top ten reasons why we think you should give to OCREP on Giving Tuesday:

  1. OCREP supports second chances, and so do we.
  2. We have formed a number of partnerships with people and organizations that have been able to help our clients with shelter, job training and other services.
  3. Reentry success depends on a supportive community, and OCREP fosters that kind of community in Orange County.
  4. OCREP has been a huge support as we launched our programs this year and helped us with both of our Fair Chance Hiring Summits.
  5. Two years ago, we went to our first OCREP general meeting when Pacific Reentry Career Services was just an idea, and we were welcomed with open arms.
  6. Speaking of general meetings, OCREP meetings are always educational and a good opportunity to visit with friends who support the reentry community.
  7. The OCREP email newsletter is your go-to source for all things reentry.
  8. The OCREP advisory committee is led by Director Meghan Medlin and is made up of some of the most amazing people you will meet in Orange County.
  9. OCREP puts on amazing events like the annual Reentry Resource Fair and the recent Opioid Awareness event.
  10. OCREP is a necessary part of the reentry community in Orange County.

Join us in donating to OCREP today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sponsor Our Job Search Guide

Pacific Reentry Career Services is committed to helping formerly incarcerated women find meaningful employment. We are also dedicated to supporting the reentry community by providing resources and advocating for fair chance hiring.

We have created a Job Search Guide as a resource for formerly incarcerated job seekers. The guide will be provided free of charge to the women in our mentorship program and to other formerly incarcerated job seekers that participate in our workshops or reach out to us for assistance.

By donating to this campaign, you will help offset the printing expense of our 2017 Job Search Guide. Each booklet costs approximately $3.60 to print.

The Job Search Guide is 28-page tool that helps our clients understand the job search process, make career plans, create resumes, learn about completing applications, prepare for interviews and to create a plan for post-release employment success.

Your name will also be printed on a recognition page inside so they know that they are being supported by people in their community and beyond.

Your donation will go a long way in assisting formerly incarcerated individuals in building successful lives.

Visit our GoFundMe page to sponsor the Job Search Guide!