Annual Report 2017


Dear Friends & Supporters:

This past year was a big year for Pacific Reentry Career Services. 2017 marked our first year serving clients and putting on employer outreach events. We started working with formerly incarcerated job seekers in the spring, and we developed and started distributing our Job Search Guide. We also held our first Fair Chance Hiring Summit for employers and service providers in June. This was followed up by a November summit that focused on the specific challenges faced by formerly incarcerated veterans. We had the opportunity to do several job search workshops in partnership with local groups and organizations that serve the reentry population in Orange County.

In 2018, we plan to continue working directly with formerly incarcerated job seekers and to continue advocating for fair chance hiring. By working with employers and encouraging them to hire this deserving population, we hope to open up more job opportunities for the reentry community as they work to build healthy and productive lives following release from jail and prison. Underlying all of our work is a strong belief in second chances.

As of January 1, 2018, California is now a fair chance hiring state. This means that employers cannot ask about criminal background until a conditional offer has been made. This will create more opportunities for formerly incarcerated people because they will no longer be judged based solely on their answer to the question about criminal background on job applications. Instead, they will have the opportunity to demonstrate that their experience, skills and education make them a good candidate. We are excited that California is leading the charge on giving formerly incarcerated people a fair chance at being considered for employment.

Thank you for being a part of our success in our first year offering programs and services. Pacific Reentry Career Services is currently an all-volunteer organization, so everything we do is a true labor of love. We look forward to continuing to support the Orange County reentry community in 2018!

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Stephanie Hammerwold
Executive Director & Co-Founder